Friends of Shauntrice Murry Push for her Immediate Release

We were all incarcerated at Lee Arrendale State Prison with Shauntrice Murry. We know that she has done a significant amount of time, and has been a help, comforter and mentor to many. She deserves to see her family before she dies. We are calling for her immediate release. But our voices won’t matter to the parole board. We need your help.

Shauntrice has days left to live. Her cancer — diagnosed in 2019 — is aggressive and fast-growing, and treatment is no longer working. Like everyone, Shauntrice wants the opportunity to die with dignity, surrounded by the people that she loves. 

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, visitation in all Georgia prisons has been suspended. That means that Shauntrice’s family cannot see her while she remains incarcerated. 

Someone suffering from a terminal illness — especially at a time when a global pandemic is prohibiting visitation — should be released. To keep Shauntrice in a cage, where she would die in isolation, is cruel beyond measure and would achieve nothing but suffering – both for Shauntrice and her family. 

We, too, did our time in the state prison system. But unlike Shauntrice, we were able to return to our loved ones. She served the last 12 years of her life in prison. She does not deserve to die there.

Tell the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles that it should do everything in its power to release Shauntrice immediately

Call the board: (404) 656-4661
Email the board: [email protected]

Suggested script: “I am asking the Board of Pardons and Paroles to do everything in its power to facilitate the release of Shauntrice Murry, who has terminal cancer and likely has just days left to live. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Shauntrice’s family is no longer permitted visit her in prison. It would be unspeakably cruel to keep her in prison to die alone in isolation, without getting the chance to say goodbye to those she loves. Please release her and allow her to die with dignity surrounded by family.”

Testimonials to Shauntrice Murry, from women who were formerly incarcerated with her:

She was very thin by the time I met her. I remember her telling me she was sick. If I was hungry… she helped me out. She was in pain I do believe, but tried not showing it too much. I was only in dorm a few months but she made an impact on me…Just a positive influence. I am not from Georgia, I was really nervous. She always had something positive to say to me. She never let me go hungry and looked out for me. Always kind. –Alex Holzmiller

She was always so positive and uplifting. She shines from the inside. Like, her soul shines. Anytime I was down or dark, she had a positive word. —Katie Shields

I met her when I broke my foot and she was the sweetest person.  I had to stay in medical for a few days and she would check on me. She deserves to be home with her family…I was scared to be in there, and she was very nice to me. — Chanda Gilreath

She made a major, major impact on my life. I called her Auntie. She kept me out of sooo much trouble, talked me out of suicide attempts and she helped me get back in touch with God. We had so many laughs, so many serious talks about life. She not only became my friend she became part of my family. There was never a dull moment with Tricie Murry (Auntie). It was always loud laughs and jokes being told to pass our days. And she knows how to cook! She made me some meals that will leave a taste in my mouth for a lifetime. I love her so much and just wish that the Board can see that everyone makes mistakes but no one deserves to die that way. — Courtney Chestnut

Knowing Shauntrice Murry has really been a great thing.  I’m 50 years old and never knew what a true friend was until I met Ms. Murry. When I got to LASP I was lost, confused, depressed, cause of the sentence I had just received.  Another inmate introduced me to her and told me she would be good to talk to.  At first things were bumpy with her cause she didn’t like to talk but making small talk was better than anything.  Then we started doing things together such as cooking, playing spades, and going to groups.  We practically did everything together.  After 8 ½ years I have seen a tremendous change in Ms. Murry, and she is caring and very helpful.  If I had the opportunity to talk to the Board I would beg them to allow Ms. Murry to go home and be in comfort for her remaining days — that way I could go to Macon and help see about her.  I have been here from the beginning and I will be there until the end.  I love this lady like my very own sister! — Freida Davis

7 thoughts on “Friends of Shauntrice Murry Push for her Immediate Release”

  1. As I read all the comments I knew who had wrote them before I even got to the part that showed the names!! Shuntrice Murray was funny, she was quiet but she wld crack a joke!! She was a friend to some, a mentor to some, a mom, a aunt. Whatever the individual needed she filled that void!! She cooked, cleaned, and even prayed with whoever needed her to do so! She stood up for what was right and discouraged anything foolish!! She is loved by all that had the pleasure of crossing paths with her!! It shouldn’t even be a question to let her out!! This is someone’s daughter! Think if this was your daughter wld it be a question then!!

  2. Obstacles are the path of life that we ALL face as human beings, some different than others. However, how we deal with those obstacles and get through them is what makes a person truly amazing. Being around Murry and seeing her dedication to self improvement and drive to always do better and be better was projected in her smile and speech everytime we crossed paths. Please grant Murry something that she deserves and that is too see her family and friends for the last time before she moves on to get her rewards.

  3. I met Tricie Murry in 2017 at Lee Arrendale state prison. I got into a situation and she was the one that talked me out of making what would’ve been the 2nd worst mistake of my life then she cooked me a meal some kind of pasta it was the best I had ever eaten. She also provided me with scriptures to read when I went through things. She was very kind to me and caring. She told me “you already made the mistake once don’t do it again always remember your kids need you”. Shauntrice Murry was a great motivation to me and I’m praying that the parole board will grant her parole to spend her last days home with her family.

  4. I attempted to look her up on the DOC website and got no hits, so I tried a partial name search. She is shown as Murray, not Murry; the spelling Murry is listed as an alias. This may be important when people contact the parole board on her behalf.

  5. Please release her and allow her to die with dignity surrounded by those she loves! Cancer and living in this pandemic is hell enough! Show you have an ounce of humanity and release her!
    – an American looking to you to do the right thing

  6. Free her…she is a great women! She deserves to spend her last days with her love Shauntrice Murray…

  7. This lady is my mother man I beg the pardons and parole to release her and allow us to show her as much love as possible she’s on there dying alone and we are unable to see her we have been to the news and ajc about this I’m begging them to release her so I can love on her one last time she has changed alot from the time I met her I called her momma because that’s just what she acted like she cared for me like her own and I am here I speak to her almost everyday but it’s not enough I need to see her face and I need her out here fighting for her life not on there dying alone this has been hard for me because when she calls me instead of her breaking down it’s me that cry please help her. Tangenika Lee / her child

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